Posted by Fitz

You knew I’d love it.

This book – creatively titled after a quote from a harried mom and wife – was a dose of common sense advice about how to keep your marriage on track after baby’s arrival.  It covers the major topics of sex, chores, communication, and all of the little things that keep our hamster-wheel lives going on a daily basis and serve as the foundation of many an argument.

I liked this book for two reasons: first, it’s nice to know that other people are experiencing some of the same challenges that my husband and I are.  It’s great to know that almost all parents are, to some degree, in the same boat when it comes to navigating the sometimes choppy seas of parenthood.  While none of the information was mind-blowingly new, it helped to remember some common sense wisdom (like take your pants off once in awhile, and directly ask for help instead of being all sarcastic and “Why aren’t you a mind reader?” about it). 

The second reason that this book resonated with me was the vast collection of quotes and stories from real life moms and wives.  There were quotes that made me laugh out loud – like “I’d trade my husband for a housekeeper” – and the one that really rang true for me: “Kids leave, he stays.”  I would say that last quote was probably the thing that has stayed with me the most, now that it has been a couple of weeks since I’ve finished the book.  What a great reminder of why it’s so important to put your marriage first, even when raising kids.  Who wants to pack their last kid off to college just to come home and find themselves living with a stranger?  Not me, I’ll tell you that.

If you liked I Was a Good Mother Before I Had Kids, you’ll definitely like this book.  It’s a quick, easy read (I completed it on a one way trip on Metro North), and will absolutely keep you entertained.