Posted by Fitz

My picky girl really doesn’t go near chicken, whether it’s grilled, roasted, boiled, baked, or fried.  I have bent over backwards to try to add more protein into her diet, and I haven’t had much luck.  So, in a fit of “whatever it takes”, I put away any judgment I had about chicken tenders as a wholesome meal and went for broke.  After several missteps, Beanie is now accustomed to and on mostly good terms with chicken in the tender form.

I have to admit that I usually make my own tenders for her by cutting organic chicken into small pieces, breading it with egg whites and whole wheat breadcrumbs, and baking it at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.  I know that sounds obnoxious, but I don’t want The Bean to get used to the processed (yet undeniably delicious) nuggets that are sold in the freezer section.  This homemade method usually works pretty well, but lately I’ve been….okay, lazy.  I haven’t had the energy to make my Fitznuggets, and I’ve scoured the freezer section to find the best alternative.

Imagine my glee to find Bell and Evans Chicken Tenders, right in the freezer section of my local Stop and Shop!  For those of you not familiar with the brand, Bell and Evans offers its customers fresh chicken that is raised on an all-natural diet without antibiotics.  They have won numerous awards, and have been named “good chicken” by the one and only Ina Garten (this rates with me).  Not only are these tenders a little bit healthier than some of the others in your supermarket, but they are absolutely, positively delicious.  Yes, they cost a little more than your average Perdue tray…and they are WORTH it.  The taste, the quality of the chicken, the white meat….you really can’t ask for a more delightful convenience product.

I’m happy to say The Bean agrees with my devotion to this particular product, and enjoys her tenders alone, mixed with pasta (noo noos), in quesadillas (diyas), and on sandwiches (num nums).  I’m also happy to say that her dad and I like them, too, and are very happy on the occasions when we “can’t find anything else” in our pathetic little fridge.  Toss ’em with Frank’s Red Hot and put them in a wrap with lettuce, tomato, and blue cheese, and you’ll swear you’re at Archie Moore’s.

So, for all of you who need a good stash of tenders in the freezer for your kiddos and yourselves, make sure to pick up a box of Bell and Evans the next time you’re at the store.  If you end up not liking them, you can send the leftovers to me!