Posted by Fitz

I am a girl who is smitten by words – written, spoken, or sung.  I’m a voracious reader who needs to know the lyrics before she can sing a song, and I’d prefer to see a bulleted list over a diagram any day of the week.  Given this strong preference of mine, I’ve made a habit of collecting words that people have said to me over the years.  Some have been kind, some have been cruel, and a very select few have transformed my world from regular color to HDTV. 

I won’t share all of my little tidbits with you, but the most meaningful words spoken to me over the 34 (jeez, 34) years have included the following: countless “I love yous”, the one-time-only “Will you marry me?” and “I do”, and, of course, “It’s a girl!”  I treasure these words like they are rare gems, taking them out of my memory box once in awhile to savor their beauty and the emotion they evoke…just like I’m reliving the moment all over again.

Last week, I was so lucky to get another string of words to add to my collection.  Fresh from a bath, clad in jammies sporting a big pink pig, my Bean answered my “Good night Beanie, I love you!” with a quiet, but clear, “Mommy I loo!”  It was the first time she verbally expressed her feelings for me, and the moment is one that could sustain me for several lifetimes.  I can’t describe how full my heart was – and still is – from that one tiny moment that changed my life – and me – forever.  My Bean loos me. 

I must be doing something right.