Posted by Fitz

I’ve been going back and forth for days now trying to figure out which of my awesome new products to recommend to you all, and haven’t been able to decide which one is better than the next.  In a fit of genius, it came to me: recommend all of the products, and the site from which they came!  So, ladies and gentlemen, I am thrilled to present my favorite baby and kids website to you:

For those of you who aren’t aware of this fantastic online mecca, has everything you could possibly need for your little one.   Everything from diapers (cloth, disposable, organic, you name it) to clothes (Robeez and Zutano, to name a couple of brands) is easily purchased with a click of a button and delivered to your doorstep.   Here are a few of my latest and greatest finds:

  • Gerber Spill Proof Water Spouts:  I don’t know about your kid, but the Bean would prefer to drink out of whatever I’m having versus whatever is in her pink princess cup.  These nifty little sippy cup tops fit right onto any average-sized water bottle, making my Bean feel grown up while keeping both of us dry.  These are also great to keep in your car or bag for “Oops, I forgot the sippy!’ moments that we seem to be having a lot of lately.
  • Foogo Leak Proof Straw Bottle: Continuing with our thirsty theme, this Foogo bottle by Thermos is great.  It holds enough liquid to satisfy a little one on a hot day or a long trip, and keeps said liquid cold forever.  Your kid needs to be able to use a straw to get much use out of this, but mine loves the straw and the pop-top that provides hours of entertainment.  Oh, and this bottle hasn’t leaked like that no good Foogo sippy that I bought a few months back.
  • Burt’s Bees Insect Repellent:  I hate the Bean to get bitten by little, nasty bugs, but hated the thought of spraying her with chemicals just as much.  Enter Burt’s Bees, an all natural brand that has developed a good-smelling herbal insect repellent that is good for the whole family.  We all used it this weekend, and escaped unbitten!
  • Kee-Ka Organic Body Suits: The bean doesn’t wear these anymore, but they make great gifts – and are as cute as can be!

Now that you know what you want to order, let’s talk price.  Overall, I’ve found to be reasonable and on par, with say, Target stuff that isn’t on sale.  The convenience of having it shipped – usually within 24 hours – makes any price differential worth it to me, though.  First-time customers usually get $10 off, other promotions abound, and you get free shipping on any order over $49.

This summer, be sure to make your life a little easier and check out this site.  Please report back with any other great finds!