Posted by AVM

Sometimes there are moments that stop your heart.   On the heels of a great Fourth of July weekend, I must share an instance, a blip, really, in our long holiday weekend.  Our holiday was filled with great friends and lots of kids, barbeques and swimming, sun tans and roasting marshmallows.  It was a 10.  However, my favorite moment of all was not participating in, but being a witness to my husband and daughter interacting.

And this was the moment that made my heart skip:

My husband injured his knee pretty badly last week.  It was touch and go about whether our plans  to go out to our vacation home with friends and family for the weekend would be scratched all together.   I decided to leave early and my husband would make the call about whether he was in any shape for sun and fun festivities.  On Friday morning he called to say he was coming.  We were out by the pool all day swimming and laughing – but he was missed, by all of us, and mostly by my daughter.  As the afternoon waned on and the sun was high, I saw him come through the doors out to the backyard pool area.  Lovey ran to greet him, screaming, “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”  In one quick motion, he scooped her up (knee be damned!), gave her a huge hug and said, “You smell like sunshine, Lovey.  I missed you.”  Two little sentences, and I realized –  I’m the luckiest girl in the world.