Post by AVM

Well, I’m officially done with being pregnant.  T-minus-seven weeks to go, and I’m ready for this baby to get here already because the unbearable discomfort that joyfully accompanies the end of pregnancy has begun.  My one saving grace (aside from the pint of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food Ice Cream I manage to polish off every third day) is my Boppy Pea in the Pod Prenatal Pillow.   Shaped like a slightly odd kidney bean (my husband calls it my “comma”), it’s a great option for women who want the support for their back, hips, and pelvis without the desire for a stuffed apparatus large enough to relocate your significant other to the guest room.  Sadly, for my first pregnancy I didn’t have one of these gems, and my nights, from about 20 weeks pregnant on, were horrible.  With this miracle, I actually sleep through the night, and I have noticed a marked difference during the daytime hours in the decreased back and pelvic pain I feel with this pregnancy in comparison to my last.   Better late than never, right?  Any little bit helps.  Get one, moms-to-be, you’re going to love it.