Posted by Fitz

I don’t remember much from Brownies and Girl Scouts, but one song has stuck with me throughout my life.  I think of it often, and consider it to be one of the smartest, simplest, most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.  The chorus goes like this:

Make new friends, and keep the old….one is silver and the other is gold.

I was reminded of this beautiful song this weekend, when I went to visit my girlfriends in Boston.  We’ve known each other since Mr. Ruberti’s seventh grade science class, and have sustained a meaningful friendship over 20 years, several states, and different life paths.  These women are beautiful to me.  They are each so strong, so determined, so loving, and plain old fun.  They are the type of friends where you pick up right where you left off, whether you last saw them five years ago or five minutes ago.  I’m proud that they count me as their friend, and am already thinking of when I can go to visit them again.

When I consider the women in my life, I realize how incredibly lucky I am.  High school friends, college friends, work friends, mommy friends….I’ve collected quite a group over the years, and each friend has added something special and invaluable to my life.  As the Bean grows up, I hope that she sees the value of friendship in a similar way.  I hope that she cultivates a few real friendships that can stand the test of time rather than being swept up on the rollercoaster of being “popular”.  I hope that she tries as hard as she can to be a good friend, one who understands give and take, who can overlook the little grievances that can pop up, and who can give her friends the benefit of the doubt.  I hope that, when she’s 34, she can spend a weekend with her friends and feel the time slipping away until they are all back in that seventh grade science class giggling about the cute boy and laughing about how we all wore Guess Jeans and red v-neck sweaters (although we had a heck of a time remembering who else was in the class!).

Beanie, your true friends will stick with you through thick and thin.  While all frienships wax and wane, and some will naturally come and go as your life evolves, keep your true friends close to your heart.  They are part of your family, and they’ll be with you every step of the way.