Posted by AVM

My adorable daughter has begun to do something that is driving me to drink (thankfully, I’m well into my third trimester.  Kidding, people!).  In any given conversation, whether it makes sense or not, Lovey will ask, “But WHY?” in a long string that seems never ending. The answer to one “Why?” question leads to another, “But WHY?” which leads to another answer and the same follow up question.  At first I tried to end the line of questioning (after 10-12 answers) with, “Because I said so, Lovey.” I cringed at myself for saying it as it was on my initially long and now quickly shrinking checklist of things I promised I’d never say as a mom.  And the reality is that sometimes this satiated my questioning Lovey, but more than likely another “why” followed.  Now I’ve taken to saying, “Because God wants it that way.”  Now, while we’re not religious people (probably due to a lifetime of Catholic schooling), I figure this answer takes it out of my hands.  It give someone else the blame.  Let God answer the “why,” because I’m all tapped out.  Here’s an abridged example:

Me: Hurry, Lovey, we’re heading off to school.”

Lovey: But WHY?

Me: Because it’s time to go to school.

Lovey: But WHY?

Me: Because this is what time school starts.

Lovey: But WHY?

Me: Because God wants it that way.

I must admit that I thought the “why” line of questioning was a thing of parental folklore.  More wrong, I could not be.  And yet, I know that questioning the world around her will serve her well.  It’s a good thing.  And I’ll probably be begging for this stage back when she’s 15 and decides that her parents know nothing, so she doesn’t bother to ask.  For now, I’ll just keep answering the best I can.