Posted by Duff

“Daddy, do you have a penis?” asked The Dervish the other day.

“I certainly hope so,” said her father.

My husband missed the event where The Dervish came upon her knowledge of male anatomy, though we should have seen it coming.  She and I were giving Atticus a bath, and she asked, “Is that a bump?”  I, figuring it best to teach her the textbook terms when she asked (rather than assigning nicknames like “Hoo-Hoo” and “Winky” to that which Atticus has and she does not), told her what it was.

I told her boys have them, and that’s how they pee. I waited for questions about what girls have and how they pee, but the question didn’t come. I figured it best to let her process one thing at a time. She’ll need to know when she’s ready to ask.

“Oh.” she replied. “Can he pee? PLEEEEASE!” (He often pees in the tub, and The Dervish thinks it’s fantastic.)

Not nearly the big deal I thought it would be. Until she starts asking people at the grocery store if they have penises, too.