Posted by AVM

I find that toys, clothes, and other paraphernalia for children are so fleeting.  One moment that bottle warmer is essential, and the next it’s packed away, and life carries on without it.  Peek-a-boo blocks are fantastic for keeping baby’s attention – for about 4 or 5 months – and then they’re as boring as can be. The clothes – well, I feel like I’m constantly clearing out my daughter’s drawers and closet to pack away yesterday’s duds.   Life moves so fast in the first few years of a child’s life, that – other than a favorite stuffed animal – I have hardly found anything that transcends the ages and stages.

That is, until recently.  When Lovey was born, I was intent on stimulating her mind at night with classical music.  Hadn’t I read that doing so increases a child’s IQ??  Something like that.  Well, it lasted all of a couple of nights and then I found Rockabye Baby Music.  These lullaby versions of my favorite bands’ music were my best infant finds.   The Rockabye CDs of choice in our house are the music of U2, the Beatles, the Cure, and Bob Marley – however the artists range from the Beach Boys and Queen to Coldplay and Tool – something for all parents (like us) who considered concert-going among their favorite pasttimes.   In those early weeks of parenthood, when I was still adjusting to life being all about someone else, I would give my daughter that last bottle of the night and listen to the melody of  Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” and hum softly along with the music.  I felt human – like life wasn’t all pastels and diapers and bottles – there was still some of ME in here.   As Lovey fell off to sleep, I let the CD run its course, and over the monitor I heard all of my favorite songs, along with my new daughter’s even breathing.  The music was comforting for both of us.

Fast forward to current times in our house.  Lovey is now on the cusp of turning three.  She’s in a “big girl room”  in her “big girl bed” and for the most part, the transition was seamless.  And I’ve long swallowed the reality that 95% of my days are about someone else.  About three weeks into sleeping in her new room, we hit a rough patch.  She woke up four nights in a row and was having a tough time being calmed back to sleep.  On the fifth night, I decided to try something else.  I set up her CD player and put in Rockabye’s Beatles’ disc.  As I put her to bed, I had the music playing and said, “Listen, Lovey.  Isn’t that beautiful? The music will help you fall asleep, and if you get up in the middle of the night, call me, and I’ll put the music back on, ok?”  “Ok, Mommy.”  And sure enough, that’s just how it played out.  Now it’s part of our nightly routine (minus the middle of the night wakings), and we are both just as soothed now to hear a lullaby of “In My Life” as we were back in her infancy.