Posted by Duff

I can’t be the only person that thinks that each of our lives has a subliminal soundtrack. It’s why pounding the pavement or riding a train while daydreaming to your iPod is such a life-affirming way to connect to your script.  You may not know what’s in store for yourself as main character, but if you listen a little more closely to the music, it’s foreshadowing your next steps.

A few weeks before my maternity leave ended, I started hearing the same song, at least once daily, on the cable radio station Atticus and I would listen to when it was just the two of us.  It was in these weeks that I started to understand him, and he started to appreciate it.

Miraculous how a song and time spent looking into the unflinching eyes of a brand new, uncomplicated person could act as a signpost. I am really, really lucky to have seen it for what it is, and it’s why when I’m at work, missing him, and want to take the proverbial First Train Home, I know that the status quo is just a step along the (right) path.

Age, career, responsibility – none of these change who you were when you were just dreaming of what would be. You are still that person. There is still a ton of what will be. Though I imagine you get so little time in your own head these days that’s about you, you may have forgotten that feeling.

So here’s an exercise:

Feel free to pass this on to anyone who will benefit from it, but please mention mymomgenes as your source so I can see where it goes. I’ve always loved a good mix tape.

To create your soundtrack:

1. List 8-12 life meaningful life events or periods of time you’ve experienced from your earliest memory to present. Try not to go more than five years between events, and make sure they are spaced out to represent your life thus far.

2. Choose a song that is representative of each of those life events.

3. Compile those songs in the same order the events occurred. This is your soundtrack.

4. Listen to your soundtrack — from start to finish, if possible, when you can give it your full attention.

5. Post it wherever you post (unless you want to keep it for yourself), and invite others to do the same.

But please come back and let me know how it went.