Posted by AVM

My amazing parents took our Lovey to the beach house for the weekend and, in turn, gave my husband and me a weekend to ourselves.  They wanted to spend some alone time with Lovey and give us a break before the new baby comes (2 weeks from tomorrow, but who’s counting?).  We were thrilled with the idea, and could hardly remember the last time we had three uninterrupted days to ourselves.

Our weekend consisted of dinners out, holding hands, a movie (in the THEATER!), naps, even a girls’ spa day for me, a boys’ day of golfing for him, and one full day of nesting (I’m happy to report that nursery-wise, we are READY for the new baby).  It was a great few days, and most importantly, Lovey had a wonderful time with her grandparents.  However, by Saturday around 10AM, we both really, really missed her.  I was walking into her room just to make sure she wasn’t in there.  Here I sit, as I write this, waiting for my parents to bring her back, and I can think of nothing else but squeezing her tight and kissing her cheeks until she complains about it.

This weekend has me realizing a couple of things.  First, it was great to reconnect with my husband, but we both realize that we’re better as a family than we are on our own.  We had such fun spending time as a couple, but without Lovey, life isn’t in technicolor.  She makes everything better, and while there are times she – like any child – is unbelievably challenging, we’ll take it. . .every day and twice on Sunday.  I am also coming to terms with how different life is going to be in a couple of weeks.  If I missed Lovey for just two nights, how’s it going to be when I’m in the hospital for four nights and coming home with a new baby?  Where as in the beginning, I was worried that the new baby wasn’t getting any attention, now I worry that my sweet Lovey is going to feel left out.  Everyone told me it was going to happen, that I would feel this way, and they were right.  While I can’t wait to be a family of four, I am scared to think of what it’s going to do to the fantastic current dynamic we have right now.  Dethronement is imminent, and I know Lovey is going to feel the shift full force. I don’t want her spirit to change, or for her to feel for a moment as though we don’t love her more and more each day.  I’m comforted by the fact that families the world over deal with this daily and survive, thrive, even.  And we will too.  I know this.  We’ll just do our best and hope that it’s good enough.

For now, I must get back to the front window to look for my parents’ car pulling into our driveway and the arrival of my Lovey.  Where is she!??!