Posted by AVM

The Mayan calendar says that on December 12, 2012, civilization as we know it will come to an end.  However, I have reason to believe that life as I know it is coming to a head on August 31, 2009.  Sure, it’s not as sexy a number as 12/12/12, but it’s my perfect storm, just the same, and it’s making my anxiety level go through the roof.  I think my problem is that I’m a control freak and, in this instance, I just can’t control any of it.  Here’s what’s going on on 8/31/09:

1. My not-yet-3-year-old daughter starts her first day of preschool with new teachers, some new classmates, and she has to be potty trained – that means no diapers, no pull-ups, off to school in panties, devil may care.  Thus far unsuccessful, I am saying a silent prayer that the peer pressure of potty training will get the better of her, and by some miracle, it’ll just happen.

2.  I will not be around for this potty training aftermath this first week, as I will be dropping Lovey off at school and then driving straight to the hospital to give birth to her sibling.  Four nights in the hospital, not there for my Lovey, not hearing about her first days of school, not making sure her lunches are packed the way she prefers, not tucking her in at night, oh, and getting ready to bring home a new baby to turn her world upside down.

3. Work enters full-tilt-boogie.  Everyone is back on campus.  Events begin.  Opening meetings.  The busy time starts on the 31st.  My first day of maternity leave.  Cue stomach knots.

4. Oh, yeah.  I’m having a baby.  8/31/09.  Seven days away.  I can’t wait to meet my new baby.  Who will this baby be?  What will the baby look like?  I cannot wait to have these questions answered and to experience the overwhelming moment of birth.  This will be the last time I do this, and I want to make sure I’m PRESENT.  I’m hoping the magnitude of this will help calm the anxiety of the previous three items on this list.

Ok, I got it out.  EXHALE.  It’s all going to be ok.   Right?