Posted by Fitzy

Traveling for work is strange when you’re leaving behind a little Bean who typically wants to be wrapped around your leg all day.  Aside from the considerable logistical considerations involved, a little struggle exists in the mind of the mom who has been jettisoned from her domestic environment into one where she is…alone.  Herself.  Overnight.

On one hand, I’ll be honest with you and say that I luxuriate in the room service, zillion thread count sheets, and peace and quiet that exist in the little rooms that I can call my own for one, maybe two, nights.  It feels like my work out of town is in technicolor – I’m more vibrant, more passionate, more excited about the people I’m working with.  I’m in a new (or at least different) town with a pulse all of its own, and the people on the street see me as a career woman – they don’t know that I have a Bean at home  These trips almost morph me into a different person, and the independence is liberating.

It’s also fleeting.  Because, you see, my Bean is always in the forefront of my mind.  When I’m away, my eye is drawn towards pregnant women, strollers, toddlers, and harried-looking mommies.  While I’m being my vibrant self at work, I collapse into a gray exhaustion in the hotel, invariably counting the hours till I get home again.  I can’t wait to get home again, regardless of the “glamour” that the travel affords. 

My glamour, these days, consists of The Bean rubbing her little hands all over my head, putting an elastic at the tip top of my crown and saying. “Mommy, so pity!”  It consists of me coming home from a long day in a suit and heels, to hear my Bean yell, “COMFY PANTS!” as soon as I’m through the door.  It consists of knowing, no matter where I am or where I’ve been, that my home is with her and she is my home.   There’s no place like home, is there?