Posted by Fitzy

From ages 0-30, I did not spend one waking moment paying attention to my friends’ drink choices when we were out gallivanting on the town.  Well, unless it was to play the sophisticated, classy games of “You Drink!” and the childish taunt of, “What, are you a nurse?  Why are you nursing that drink?”  From ages 30-present, it seems like drink watching could become an Olympic sport.

It’s not just whether the woman in question orders a drink – that would be a dull game.  It’s the friendly speculation that occurs after said drink ordering that really gets us ladies going.  “Is she or isn’t she?” “Is that little slope to her tummy the result of a bump, or the bacon double cheeseburger?” “Annie toasted with water at the wedding…wink wink!”

It’s so funny how thoughts of pregnancy and motherhood pervade so many of us – especially women in the same circle of friends – right around this time period.  If there was a What to Expect from Your Thirty-Something, I’m positive there would be a whole section on thinking about getting pregnant, trying to conceive, dealing with infertility, and of course, talking about which friends could be pregnant when, how, and why.  Every conversation with a friend seems to eventually turn to this topic, and we’re all secretly (or very overtly, depending on the person) thinking about who’ll be next.  The speculation provides hours upon hours of entertainment, and I feel like it will never get old.  It’s embarassing.

My friends and I hit the jackpot recently when one of our nearest and dearest ordered a Sprite at dinner instead of her usual Sauvignon Blanc.  As soon as the word “Sprite” left her mouth, my head whipped in her direction (while a few, more discreet pals pretended they hadn’t heard).   I was right, and could have won a LOT of money in a pool about who would be next, but alas, no pool was created.  I’m thinking of starting a grid like the one we do for NCAA tournaments to see if this little guessing game can bring home some bacon.  Anyone in?