Posted by Fitzy

I believe I do this parenting thing pretty well, but lately I’ve become hideously aware that I fall short in one major area.  While my friends are making elaborate scrapbooks to commemorate their child’s first year, while they are writing down the milestones of vocabulary and gross motor skills, while they are journaling their feelings to someday give their child, I am….not doing any of it.

I have a baby book for the Bean.  It’s gorgeous – my mother in law brought it to the hospital the day the Bean was born, and I treasure it.  I just don’t do much with it.  Sure, its adorable box is filled with things like Beanie’s Christening invitation, a lock of hair from her first trim, and even a memento or two.  But I haven’t written much in it except for a few scrawls back when she learned how to walk and I didn’t want to forget when.  I keep thinking about spending some quality time with the book to get it in order, and have even planned my approach for that lazy Saturday that will give me the hours to engage in such an activity.  But…these lazy Saturdays never seem to come. 

I guess the positive note here is that my second child – whenever he or she may choose to grace us with his or her presence – will never feel shortchanged for not getting the detailed pregnancy journal, or the handmade scrapbook.  I’m hoping that all my children, the Bean and those to come, will be satisfied by a million pictures, some Shutterfly albums, and the memories of them that keep their dad and I going on both good and bad days.  Because when that lazy Saturday finally comes my way, I think I’d rather take the Bean to the playground instead of pasting things in a book.  Someday I’ll probably regret my laziness, but right now I really don’t.