Posted by Fitzy

The envy of all our friends, my husband and I took off for a long weekend to celebrate our fifth anniversary.  The Bean’s grandparents came to get her a day early, and we busied ourselves with the logistics that come along with going on a trip.

The first night, home alone, was a novelty.  There were no little feet pounding on the wooden floors, there were no little hands reaching up to be held, and there were no anti-bed protests.  It was quiet and peaceful.  We didn’t know what the heck to do with ourselves.  We ended up finally watching a Netflix that has been gathering dust in our entertainment center, and going to bed early.  It felt like my right arm was missing, that’s how strange it was to be at home with my husband but without our Bean.  We laughed about it, knowing that as soon as we were away these thoughts would evaporate.

The next day, we whisked ourselves to our fantasy suite.  We enjoyed an amazing gourmet dinner, had a glorious evening, and reveled in our alone time.  The next morning we woke up at a leisurely pace (woo hoo – 7:15!) and spent the entire day walking around a beautiful town, enjoying its sights and sounds.

By nightfall, our hearts were aching.  We missed our Bean so much that our main dinner conversation centered around how early we could get up the next morning to drive the two hours separating our daughter and ourselves.  When we finally got back to our hotel, we packed everything to make our getaway that much more hasty.  We went to bed, rose early, and despite a divine breakfast at Annie’s, we did everything in our power to get to our Bean as fast as humanly possible.

After what seemed like an interminable drive through the Connecticut back country (seriously, there’s a Scotland, CT?), we FINALLY arrived at my parents’ house.  We went in, and didn’t hear a peep.  We finally located the family in the basement, and when the Bean saw her dad…well, I can hardly think about it without getting a little misty.  She ran towards her daddy with all the power in her little legs, jumped in his arms, looked at me, and yelled, “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!”

My husband and I tried really hard to come up with a meaningful way to celebrate our anniversary, and we had an absolutely wonderful time together, reconnecting.  But we learned more about each other – and our family – in the few seconds that it took our Bean to cross the room and jump in our arms.  Maybe someday we’ll enjoy vacations without her, but for right now, we seem to have a two-night limit.  Any more than that and we’re just counting the minutes until we see her again.