Posted by AVM

I’m not going to lie, I have no idea how people do it.  It’s a rat race in this house from 5-10pm, and everyone has their own agenda.   If everyone in my family, including the adults, were perfectly articulate, here’s what they each would be saying (and I have also included how it actually manifests as a bonus for you):

Lovey’s articulate agenda:
Mom and Dad, I’d like to dine on ice cream for dinner, preferably in front of the tv.  Thank you, but I’ll skip the bath tonight.  Instead, I’ll take out every last toy in the playroom and leave it for you to reorganize.  Oh, and I think I’ll take a late bedtime this evening.
Real life manifestation:
“NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!”  Tears! Tantrum!

CeeCee’s articulate agenda:
I’d really just like to be fed and have a clean diaper, ok?
Real life manifestation:
[Momentary] “Whaaaa!” Followed by sleep.

Husband’s articulate agenda:
It seems pretty crazy in here tonight.  I’ll make dinner, and even though I’m doing the clean up, I’ll go ahead and use every pot and pan we own.  I think I’ll also wait until it’s five minutes from bedtime for Lovey and throw her around, rile her up, and make it tougher to get her down to sleep.
Real life manifestation:
“I’ll make dinner, honey.”  “Hey, Lovey! You can’t catch me!!!”

My articulate agenda:
Can everyone please eat dinner quietly and completely, take a bath without protest, and go to sleep?  If you can’t accomplish the others, just go to sleep, ok?
Real life manifestation:
andI’llcleantheplayroom.Letmemakeasnackforher,shedidn’teatanydinner.Don’t rileherup,please.Timeforbed.It’stimeforbed.GETINBED. I LOVE YOU. Makemorebottles.Feed,diaper,swaddle,putdown,I LOVE YOU, check, recheck.Collapse.

Rinse and repeat.  Every night.