Posted by Duff

The other night I rounded the corner to hear the following conversation between The Dervish and her father:

Husband: (Dervish), you know you aren’t supposed to do that.

Dervish: (high pitched squeal of happiness, a few bars of song)

Husband: Listen to me, Dervish, I’m upset.

Dervish: Oh, Daddy, don’t be upset, you’re SOOOO cute!

Husband: (Slight moment of hesitation)You need to listen to Daddy.

Dervish: But you’re so CUTE!

Um. The Dervish’s preschool class must be reading Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People, because we’ve been reading Pinkalicious and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

It all adds up: she is persistent when rebuffed, unfazed by “NO!” and if you tell her something simply can’t be done, she knows how to make it happen. And she’s not shy about telling you how and why you’ll make it so.  She can almost make you forget who’s in charge.

My husband, who believes himself to be as cute as The Dervish proclaims, passed me in the hallway, a smirk on his face–the smirk of a man nearly won over. The Dervish padded after him, mission near completion, humming the theme from Little Einsteins.

She’s definitely coming with us the next time we buy a car.