Posted by AVM

I can introduce you to an equal number of people who will tell you that either my children look like me or they look like my husband.  My sister sees my daughters and says, “You can’t see that?  It’s like your face on a baby!”  My co-workers think both girls are the spitting image of their father.  Personally, I can’t see any of it, and in my opinion my husband and I kind of  look alike, so I think the girls resemble both of us.  I grew up with people telling me I look like my father.  And I do, I can see that.  Even further, my father and I have the same mannerisms.  If I ever have the luxury of a nap on the couch, I cross my arms and turn on my side, just like he does.  We can both only wink one eye.  We love to throw a great party.  My father and I have plenty of differences, but I am most certainly his daughter. Five minutes in our presence and there is no mistaking it.  It’s fascinating to me that not only can parents pass on the arch of a nose, hands and feet (my mom and sister have identical – and beautifully graceful – extremities), or even a particular stance, but that you can also inherit mannerisms, ideas, and quirks.  Tonight I saw myself in Lovey in an unusual way.

Coming off a very busy Halloween weekend, the four of us were driving home with an over-tired infant, a toddler hopped up on too much candy from her holiday loot, and two parents who couldn’t wait to get home, get the evening routine overwith and go to bed.  Lovey piped up from the back seat and said, “Mommy?  The moon is following us.”   Whoa.  I used to think the same thing as a little girl.  I used to look out the car window as my parents drove home from some family function or another and say those exact words.  The moon is following us.  What minuscule stripe on her DNA caused her to see the nearly-full moon and say that?  Very spooky.  I answered her the same way my father answered me decades ago, “It’s watching over us to make sure we get home safely.”  Hats off to the mystery of genetics.  You certainly have my attention.