Posted by Fitzy

The parents of the Bean’s daycare classmates are amazing and generous – they are always sending in little goody bags for all of the kids to commemorate birthdays, holidays, Tuesdays, you name it. 

We, I admit, are slackers when it comes to this stuff.  We haven’t done goody bags for any occasion since the Bean started daycare last year, and it honestly never crosses our minds to make them.  If we had all of the kids over for a birthday party, sure – of course they’d get the loot.  But to just send them in?  I don’t know, it’s just not something that I ever think about.  Maybe this is the mom gene that I’m missing.

Anyway…to make up for past transgressions and a birthday that passed with cupcakes but not trinkets, the Bean’s dad and I went all out for Halloween.  We created these really cool looking goody bags for each kid in the class, complete with lollipops, stickers, goldfish, and those cute little mini play-dohs in Halloween colors.  I called the director to ask how many kids are in Beanie’s class (8), and we were on our way.

We arrived that the Halloween party with a bit of extra excitement, since we had finally brought something good in for the kids.  We told the teachers so they could distribute them at an appropriate time, and sat back, happy to watch the kids play in their costumes.  Almost at once, Dad and I looked at each other with terror in our eyes.  There were NINE kids playing in that room.  We didn’t bring any extra bags.

At this point, we felt like giant jerks.  We had an incredibly full schedule and couldn’t make it back to daycare that day to bring another bag, and told the teachers that we wanted to bring them home with us.  They convinced us to just bring an extra one in on Monday, and we relented.  It was a nagging thought in the back of our minds all weekend, wondering if some poor little two year old felt left out because of our goddamned stupid goody bags that we were so happy about.

Dad brought the extra one in this morning, and of course the poor, neglected kid’s mom was standing right there when he told the teacher he had the extra.  She was fine with it, and we still feel like big fat jerks.  Lesson learned: never go anywhere without extra goody bags.  Or if you’d prefer: don’t bother with the goody bags in the first place.