Posted by Duff

The Dervish is rather…particular. When it comes to her clothing, however, and specifically how it feels,  she has a list of non-negotiables:

  • The fabric has to be soft, and NOT itchy or scratchy
  • It can’t be confining, but it also can’t be too loose
  • She had better not feel any tags rubbing against her
  • It can’t hang funny, hold static, or restrict her movement (if it gathers at the bicep, don’t even bother)

You probably think I’m annoyed by this. I can’t be –I’m the same way. The difference is, I’ll handle the discomfort and wear the item again, and be irritable all day. The Dervish collects all of her annoyance into a single, feral howl, and tears at herself until she is freed from her fabric prison.

Which is why, when she told me she wanted to be a princess for Halloween, I was a little nervous.

Because I’m not that bright, I took her to a well-known store that carries THE princess dresses. Every one I looked at had gathers, or elastic or fabric I knew I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing (a sure sign of no-go for my Princess and the Pea).

So I searched online for ‘non-itchy princess dresses’ and found Little Dress Up Shop.

We’re talking princess dresses (the very same princesses your Dervish will want to be), fairy dresses and wings, discounted sets, accessories, and dance clothes (including tutus!). Free shipping, too. 

You might be saying, “I have a little boy and he’s not into princesses.” And that’s cool. Because Little Dress Up Shop also has boy gear (including superhero capes!).

You CAN play rugby in a dress.

You CAN play rugby in a dress.

So The Dervish tried on her lovely (and machine washable!) pink princess dress (she put it on herself – no complicated zippers or doodads). And didn’t cry. And kept it on. And was soooo excited to wear it for Halloween (the first one she ever completed in costume). And the day after. And the day after that. And Veteran’s Day. And most Tuesdays.

So there you have it: the iron-clad endorsement of The Original Tough Customer.

Kind of makes you want to be three again, huh?


Psst, you can. And if any of you want to show up at my house wearing this, you just might convince The Dervish to sit on the potty. Think about it, at least.