Posted by AVM

T-minus-one week until my maternity leave ends, and I return to work.  I’ll wait until next week’s post to discuss the anxiety I’m feeling – not about returning to work – but about how in the world I’m getting the kids and myself out of the house, looking presentable, and with full bellies by 7:45AM.  But, like I said. . .that’s for next week.

I had a list of goals that I set for myself to accomplish by the end of my maternity leave.  Here’s my report card:

Get a homemade dinner on the table every night and eat together as a family.
Grade: B-

I would say that I achieve this goal 4 nights a week.  Some weeks it’s 3 nights a week, some weeks it’s 5.  Take out doesn’t count – it has to be something I cooked, and we all – Lovey especially – have to eat the same meal.  That means, no short ribs for us, chicken nuggets for her.  Like I said, 3-5 nights a week, this is happening.  And I find that my extremely picky Lovey has been eating more varied food because we’re all eating together.  Fitz wrote about this a while ago, and she was spot on.  Now, how this is going to happen when I go back to work , I have no idea, but I’m optimistic (or delusional, take your pick).  The fact that it’s crockpot season is going to help, I’m sure.

Get CeeCee sleeping through the night
Grade: A-

The schedule stickler that I am, combined with the fact that both of my girls are just great sleepers, has gotten CeeCee sleeping from 9:30PM-6AM every night for the past 3 weeks.  Ah, sweet, uninterrupted slumber, how I missed you.  I am hoping that once she starts daycare, she’ll be so wiped out (you know, from all the calculus and racquet ball) that we can move her bedtime up to 7PM.

Join Costco
Grade: F
It just never happened.  I’m the last person in the free world who doesn’t have a membership to a bulk superstore like this.  Sigh.

Create photobooks
Grade: C
I have a billion pictures on a photo hosting site, and they sit there.  I still have pictures all over my house in frames of Lovey as an infant.  Um, time to change the pictures out, and DO something with these photos.  My goal was to create photo books online of my favorite pictures.  I’m off to a great start, but certainly have my work cut out for me.  I will finish these for sure, though.

Use my stand mixer
Grade: A

Like most brides, I registered for a stand mixer for our wedding.  There it sat on our counter top, putting up a front to visitors that the people who live here actually bake.  No, not at all.  We can make you a mean risotto, but if you’re looking for dessert, I hope you brought something or don’t mind a store-bought pie. Well, that all changed.  With my trusted assistant and banana-masher, Lovey, I made a divine (and easy!) banana bread (and added chocolate chips!).  Granted it was an easy recipe, but it was my first one not out of a box, and I am hoping my stand mixer starts getting more of a workout.

Bond with CeeCee
Grade: A

I’ll admit, this sweetheart is not hard to love.  CeeCee is good-natured, laid back, smiley, and just such a cuddly, sweet baby – the kind you just want to squeeze all the time.  Still, I felt her getting short-changed and living in the shadow of her older sister, Lovey.  While I have been home with CeeCee, we’ve ventured into New York City, out to the Hamptons, and throughout Connecticut and Westchester County – having playdates, lunches and dinners, going to aquariums, playgrounds,  museums, and zoos.  We have made up songs that nobody except the two of us share.  We are almost to the bottom of why she’s so angry at the monkey hanging from her playmat (he gets swatted A LOT).  We’ve had countless naps together.  Overall, we learned a lot about each other.  Mostly, I learned that we were blessed with another amazing daughter.  And that makes all of my successes and failures during these 12 short weeks worth it.