Posted by Fitz

This Thanksgiving, I feel emotional about all of the blessings my family has received throughout the year.  We’ve been incredibly lucky on many fronts, but first and foremost I’m grateful for how our love for each other has continued to grow and evolve.  In honor of the holiday, I want to share just a few of the things for which I’m giving thanks.

  1. My bean, of course.  Saying that I’m grateful for her and to her says everything and nothing, all in the same sentence.  It is impossible to list the ways in which she has blessed my husband and I, but overall I am just thankful that she chose us for her parents.  She has a light in her that is inspiring, joyful, and amusing, and I’m beyond grateful to have the chance to be her mother.
  2. My husband (again, of course).  This second year of parenthood has continued to show me how strong, sensitive, and caring he is as a father and as a husband.  I couldn’t have chosen a better partner.
  3. Our extended family, who provides us the unconditional love and support that we need as we try to juggle a million different things every day.  We couldn’t have gotten through the year without their help, especially my mom’s – she has been the Bean’s caretaker, best friend, and soulmate, and never complains when we ask her to sleep over (even though her bed is our uncomfy couch).  Mom, we’re getting a new couch this year, and you get to help pick it out.
  4. My job.  Every job has its ups and downs, and I’m grateful that I’m still employed and in the working mom groove.  Last Thanksgiving I was just getting started, and now I finally feel like I have this balance thing as good as it’s going to get.
  5. You, our faithful readers.  We’ve seen great success this year as a blog, and we couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you for continuing to inspire us with your stories, and for supporting us as we continue down the blogging road.
  6. Last, but far from least, I’m incredibly thankful that we’ll be adding a new baby to our family at the end of May.  I’m grateful to my husband for his support during the whole process, I’m grateful for the doctors and nurses who helped make this miracle happen again, and I’m grateful that I had a happy and healthy first trimester.  Words can’t explain how excited we are to welcome a new sweet pea into our lives, and we are already in love with him or her.  And no, we’re not finding out the gender!

On this Thanksgiving, I feel like I couldn’t be any luckier in life.  I hope that you have as many blessings and reasons to give thanks this year, and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.