Posted by AVM

After a lovely and busy extra-long holiday weekend filled with family and friends, I think we are all thrilled to be getting back to the routine this week.  It is incredible how a three-year-old can tax your nerves.  Sunday was a rough day for Lovey – and in turn, rough for me and my husband.  It seemed as though everything was a fight, a tantrum, or a power struggle.  Nothing was right.  The wrong drink, the wrong sippy cup, the lost toy, the wrong dinner, the wrong toothpaste, no nap, I mean, the universe was conspiring against my Lovey today.   She knew she was out of control – at one point in mid-hysterics she said, “I just have to relax!”  Yes, Lovey, please do.  And when she was at peace, poor CeeCee decided to get in on the act and be fussy about her newly cut frenulum.   By the time the lights went out (not without protest) on Lovey at 8:30 PM, I was DONE.

And now. . .it’s Sunday night. . . and. . .do you hear it?  Do you?  It’s silence.  I love my daughters, and I could share some wonderful moments we had today – moments that made us proud, that made us grab them and kiss their cheeks, that made us a happy family.  But, at this moment, I am thrilled that they are peacefully sound asleep.  Tomorrow’s a new day.