Posted by Fitzy

Dear Sweet Pea,

Friday, September 18th started out like an ordinary day.  The Bean and I had a nice morning together before packing up and heading to the mall with AVM and CeeCee, and we shopped until we dropped.  We came home after a wonderful day out, and I rested the Bean comfortably in her crib for a nice, long nap.

I wandered downstairs, thinking I’d do a bit of cleaning and catch up on some work before Beanie woke up.  After the dishwasher was emptied and the counters were bleached, I decided to really step up my game and organize our bathroom cabinet.  The work wasn’t thrilling by any means, although I did manage to find an extra tube of my favorite Brilliantine and an old Target brand home pregnancy test that I had bought god knows when.

“Well,” I thought, as I stared at the HPT, “I guess it couldn’t hurt to try.”  See, Sweet Pea, we’ve been waiting for you.  We’ve followed our doctors myriad directions and were finally at the point where…well, technically…it was still to early to know what fate had in store for us.  Luckily, your mom is a proper hellion when it comes to pregnancy tests – I have a hard time waiting for the “right” day to take it.

So I did.

Sweet Pea, I first got to know you by the single line on that old, forgotten test.  Your dad and I looked at it, holding back the tears (well, he held them back) for days.  We couldn’t believe h0w lucky we were, and honestly, three months later we still can’t.  We know you’re coming – it is evidenced by my extreme salt cravings, the tightening of my waistband, and the exhaustion that sets in at about 8:00 every night.  We know that you are growing healthy and strong, and are extremely photogenic even in the embryonic stage (someday we’ll show you all of the ultrasound pictures we already have).  We know that, when you arrive, that you’ll bless our family with even more joy and happiness than we ever thought possible…and we can’t wait.

Sweet pea, you keep doing your job in there and I’ll keep doing mine.  Your family is anxiously awaiting your arrival this spring, and it will be a day that will change us all forever.  I already know how much we love you, and how grateful we are to be able to welcome you to our family.

Thank you for picking us to be your family.  We will do whatever it takes to assure you that you’ve made the right choice.