Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback during our latest Apricot & Ivy giveaway – keep it coming!  We just wanted to give you a quick update to let you know that we’ve already taken action on some of your suggestions:

  • You can now sign up for MMG email updates at the top right hand corner of this page.  By signing up, you’ll get a notification in your email every time we post something new.
  • We have been working on adding more pictures to our posts, and will continue to do that!  One of our biggest goals for 2010 is to increase our graphics usage.
  • We’ll start posting more stories and articles about our relationships, since wearing the Mom and Wife hats isn’t always easy.
  • We’re going to start posting every business day so you always get something new when you come here!

Hope these things improve your reading experience here at My Mom Genes…and please, continue to share your feedback with us and sign up for our giveaways!