We’re happy to announce that the winner of our first holiday giveaway to Little Dress Up Shop is….


When asked which gift she was most excited to give this year, she said:

“The gift I am most excited to give is to a woman who is currently on hospice. I only know of her through a cancer organization I work with, have never met her.

She is only expected to live another month or so and has young children (2 and 5). She has asked for someone to help her type letters for her children. I already delivered her a tape recorder and tapes so she can tape her thoughts and I can spend some time typing up her words. I am also hoping to transfer her voice to CD for her children in the future. I am sure I will be crying the whole time.”

Britt will receive two children’s dress ups or costumes.  Congratulations!

We were overwhelmed by the heartfelt, generous stories that all of our entrants submitted, and it was incredibly hard to choose just one.  Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway, and we hope that you’ll continue to enter all of our contests this month.  There is still time to enter the Apricot & Ivy giveaway for their awesome play rocketship, too!