Posted by Fitz

I hope you all had wonderful, relaxing holidays – we’ve missed you!  To commemorate our family’s Christmas, I have  put together a short list of lessons learned to guide you through your 2010 holidays juggling a toddler, your immediate family, and all of the other people who love you and absolutely MUST see you for the holidays.  Please feel free to comment and add your own!

1.  Realize now that you will never spend enough time with people to satisfy them.  There is always somewhere to go and someone to see, and your best defense is guilt-repellant.  Smear a thick coat on your skin before you leave your house, and you won’t feel so bad when the “Oh, you have to leave now?”s start.

2.  Two year olds do not care about giftwrap.  They love to unwrap the presents, but you could cover them with old newspaper and no one would care.  Take that, Toys R Us: you’re not going to sucker me into buying poor quality, expensive Dora wrapping paper next year!

3.  You should reorganize your playroom/toy area BEFORE the holidays to make room for all of the new gifts that will undoubtedly enter your house.  No matter how much you beg or plead with your family, they are too excited about kids on Christmas to actually stick to a one- or small-gift rule.  You will come home, and you will feel overwhelmed.  Be proactive next time.  Otherwise you’ll be as stressed as I am, and I don’t recommend it!

4.  Your kid is going to eat too many cookies and too much junk during the holidays.  Deal with it, and stock up on veggies and whole grains for the 26th.  In the meantime, do the best you can to get a nutrient in them now and then.

5.  Your personal holiday will never be the same.  You and your husband might agree to forego gifts, you might decide on a practical item for your gift (who wants to see my new Maytag?), and you might never have the luxury to truly splurge or be splurged on again.  Regardless, the look in your kid’s eyes when they are in the holiday spirit (and yes, when they see their presents), will make up for it.  Mostly.