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This is my Lovey.  Twirling, whirling through the holidays – this is the image I will think about when I think about Christmas 2009.  This was the first year Lovey “got” Christmas, and it made everything more festive – the tree was twinklier, the fire cozier, the old, tired holiday songs had new life through her new ears.

Seeing her bound down the stairs on Christmas morning was extraordinary – and I can tell you that I haven’t enjoyed the holidays this much since Santa visited me many moons ago.  By far, her favorite gift from Santa was a digital camera, and she has been snapping photos for a week now like she is our little in-house Stieglitz.

I thought I’d share her world, from the two-foot-tall perspective.  My husband and I are finding it quite entertaining.  While many of the photos are of little toes, some are downright surreal and artistic.  And, still, others show the way life looks to a 3-year-old. . .big and fun and sometimes scary!

Happy New Year, dear readers! From all of us at My Mom Genes – we hope 2010 is your best year yet!  Enjoy!

One of the many in the "Toes" series, alternately called, "How does this thing work?"

Smile, Mom!

Baby Sister CeeCee

Swiper and Macky

Surreal image of the family room and Christmas tree

When you're cute, relatives come at you from all angles.