Posted by AVM

The realization hit me this weekend that I will never have another infant.  My CeeCee is four and a half months old now and gone is that infant stage.  She’s starting to hit bigger milestones and becoming mobile (or way more squirmy) is just around the corner.  This weekend, the swing went into the basement and up came the exersaucer and the highchair.  While the infant stage isn’t my favorite by any means, I’m still mourning its passing.  I know we’re not having more children – at least I think we’re not having any more children – and I already miss having a tiny swaddly infant who naps for hours on your chest.  I know cognitively that I’m happy to be passed that infancy stage because it means every day is a day closer to when my children can bathe and dress themselves (sigh, imagine?), when traveling will be a breeze with older kids, when they will play with each other and be friends  – but the pang of knowing this is it is there right now.  I’m either A) never content and in the moment or B) I hate change.  Take your pick.

Oh, and in totally unrelated news, here’s a small update on my New Year’s Resolution.  I can’t promise I’m going to post an update every week, but I promise you’ll get  something at least once a month – for better or for worse.  I joined Weight Watchers exactly a week ago today.  I have been excited about working this plan all week and can’t believe that I – the girl who’s been on every diet – have never been on Weight Watchers.  It’s been a great week!  The online version is right up my alley – it’s like fitting puzzle pieces together s0 that your points work out at the end of the day.   I want to thank Crista for turning me on to this blog as I’ve made four or five recipes from it already, and I’ve loved every one (and so have Lovey and my husband – a coup!).  Here’s what’s on the menu tonight! And so. . .drumroll please. . . I’m down 6 pounds as of this morning.  Not a bad start!  How have your resolutions been going, one week in?