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We were pretty sure she was ready.  She showed all of the signs listed on the handy, free Pampers potty training kit that I sent away for, except for the one about waking up dry from her naps.  She loves to sit on her potty, and she tries to wipe ME whenever she gets a chance.  She loves her potty book, and talks about going pee pee all the time.  All this put together signaled a kid ready to wave bye bye to her diapers, and we went with it.


The Bean loves her underwear – printed training pants, Dora and Boots, and of course, a Princess pair for every day of the week.  Heck, she even loved the Easy Ups I bought just in case.  She loved running around the house yelling, “I wearing underweahs!” and loved showing them to whomever darkened our doorstep (a special sorry goes out to my brother).  What didn’t she love?  Well, I guess it just comes down to the regularly scheduled trips to the potty.  She loved to run into the bathroom and sit on it of her own volition (mostly with pants on, but we worked on pulling them down), and she could sit for up to a half hour on there reading books, telling us stories, and singing made up songs.  Then, she’d declare that she wasn’t going to go, pulled her pants up, and scrambled out of the bathroom as fast as her little legs would take her.

Only to pee (or worse) in her pants as soon as she got to the next room.


We never made a big deal about the accidents (9 in all on Saturday – to count any more would have been depressing) – in fact, we were downright nonchalant.  The shocker for us?  The Bean didn’t care if she was wearing wet pants and undies.  It didn’t phase her in the slightest, and she only asked to be changed when she had done…more than tinkle, let’s leave it at that.  We were left wondering if we were jumping the gun, simultaneously afraid of pushing her too hard, too fast and confusing her by slapping a diaper back on her little bum.

We diapered.  She doesn’t seem phased by any of it.

The next time she asks for her undies, we’ll gladly put them on.  If she’s about to enter elementary school, we’ll force the issue.  Till then, though, I think we’re going to ride it out and wait for more clues.  Is this the right thing?  I have no idea…and would welcome any advice.  I just don’t want to terrorize a 27-month old before her time, or create a situation that does more harm than good.

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