Posted by AVM

If your situation is anything like mine, your cabinets and drawers are overrun with art work by your toddler.  Aside from her at-home creations, each day, Lovey brings home finger paintings, crayon drawings, and other masterpieces from school.  I’ll be honest with you.  With some of what I see, not a whole lot of effort goes into this so-called “art” (yes, I’m critiquing a three-year-old’s artwork, what of it?).  But more often than not, there is real beauty in her work.  We have framed some of Lovey’s best stuff for our playroom, but some of the other stuff – the first time she drew our family, the first picture she signed by actually writing her name, or beautiful swirls that just make me happy to look at – that we display in our kitchen.  There we have hanging My Art Show by Alex (my FAVORITE source for arts and crafts supplies for Lovey).  We have a rotating art show that Lovey curates, it saves our fridge from looking like a disaster, and it fosters her creativity.  Win-win-win.