Posted by AVM

I’m feeling kind of in a glass-half-empty/glass-half-full kind of mood (I really have no business complaining about any of it – life is good – it’s the lack of sleep making me do it).  And while I’m still on vacation, I’ll keep it brief, but let you know what I mean. 

Half Empty:

  • The four of us are sick.  The kind of sick that hurts your throat, makes your inner-ear itchy, and stuffs you up.  Just in time to return to school and work. 
  • Lovey was up all night (and so I was up all night) with a terrible croupy cough.  We’re 150 miles away from our pediatrician and I left the tylenol at home, of course.  Off to CVS.  And I’m sure she’s going to be in a GREAT mood today. 
  • Who has time to be sick? 

Half Full:

  • We had an unexpected snow-induced six days off and decided to get away for the long weekend.  It is so nice to be away sometimes, you know?
  • For Valentine’s Day, my husband and I had a fantastic night out for a delicious dinner and a great movie that I’m still thinking about.  If you have the chance, see A Single Man (an odd choice for Valentine’s Day, I know). It was wonderfully done. 
  • As of this morning, I am down 17.5 pounds, and I feel as motivated today as I did the day I started this change in lifestyle on January 4th.