Posted by Duff

Who doesn’t love Melissa and Doug toys? They’re affordable, classic, and well-made. And, a huge hit with the kiddos.

I have to thank AVM for this idea, though. The Dervish came upon Lovey’s M&D Birthday Party at a playdate when both were around 2, and was floored. I mean, who doesn’t love a birthday party?

This one comes complete with (wooden) candles, toppings (which allows it to double as pizza), and slices that velcro (and stay) together, but also pull apart easily enough as to not encourage your Dervish to hurl the whole kit and caboodle against the wall.

It’s also gender neutral, which makes it a fail-safe gift for kids 2-4. I mean, even though we already have one, I’m sure The Dervish would be thrilled with another. Or, the pizza kit. It’s one of the few toy sets we have where all the pieces remain together and interest never wanes; there is always occasion for a party or a picnic in Preschoolville.

Thanks M&D, you rock!