Posted by Fitz

Many people have been asking me lately if my second pregnancy is the same as my first, and I think the answer is yes.  It’s going by a lot faster because of family and work demands, and I’m not nearly as planful as I was with The Bean, but I feel good and have been lucky to escape many of the ailments that some of my friends have experienced.  That being said, there are a few things that I forgot about – completely.  Here they are:

  • I smell.  I shower like a crazy lady, I use clinical deodorant, I wear Shower to Shower, and I smell.  Maybe it’s different body chemistry, maybe it’s just because I’m gross.  Nothing seems to be solving the issue for good, and I’m tired of it.  Smelling = unpleasant.
  • People feel obligated to comment on how you look.  Whether it’s the supermodel who goes on and on about how great you look (and you know she’s lying because you looked in the mirror today), or the person who just can’t help himself from saying, “WOW!  You’re BLOOMING!”, comments come at you like snow during a Nor’easter – fast and furious.  Some are more creative than others, but they all have the same meaning: “Jesus, you’re big!”
  • Physical mobility is a challenge.  Walking is fine.  Running, not so much (for me).  Rolling over?  Close to impossible.  My poor husband is woken up every night as I rock back and forth, trying to get enough momentum to switch to the side that isn’t asleep.
  • Getting kicked is pretty awesome.  There is no experience like being punched and kicked from the little baby inside of you, and it’s one that I wish we could record for future review.  The one thing that I’m afraid of – as I prepare for this pregnancy to be my last – is that I won’t remember how the movement feels.  It’s one of the best things on earth.
  • You wonder if you’ll do a good job.  I don’t care how many kids you have, there are always questions that arise that make you question your ability to mother the child you’re carrying.  If it’s your first, you wonder if you’ll be a good mom.  If it’s your second and beyond, you wonder if you’ll have enough love and patience for them.  Mother nature has set it up so we’re insecure, and hopefully that’s because she’s just making sure that we’re pleasantly surprised by how we’ll cope.
  • Maternity clothes are what they are.  I don’t mind them – and have actually gotten some cute ones – but the pants never stay up.  The styles get old after awhile, no matter how you try to find something different.  And if you’re like me and have to wear suits for work, you have three choices – gray, black, and brown.   People better get used to them.

I forgot about all of these things, but they are all part of a pregnancy that I am thrilled to be having.  With only a trimester left to savor the moments, I’m keeping track of these things so I remember what it’s like to have a baby growing inside you, depending on you to keep everything right in their world.  So, sweet pea, you’re worth smelling and all of the rest.  We just can’t wait to meet you.