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Today I’m bringing to you an incredibly relatable post from my best friend, today’s guest blogger, DesignMom. She is a woman I have been lucky to know for most of my life and even luckier that she calls me a friend. In the coming weeks MyMomGenes will be getting a newly redesigned look, and it will be DesignMom’s talent we’ll have to thank. Read on and show her some love!

I’m officially eating for 2 again.

No. I am not pregnant. I just mean that I am now eating my food, plus whatever The Girl doesn’t want, or what I’ve stolen off her tray because she’s eating too slow.

I was so excited when The Girl started eating food… real foods. First it was cheerios. So cute picking them up between her chubby fingers- slowly and deliberately. Then it was American cheese broken up into tiny pieces. Then peas, then cut up pasta. Penne Vodka is her favorite. We order this for her when we go out, and now along with my Chicken Francese Wedge, I am also having a side dish of Penne Vodka BECAUSE I CAN. I didn’t order it… it’s just going to go to waste. One bite turns into 5 and it’s just a downward spiral from there.

With these side meals, I have managed to pack on a couple-ten extra pounds. I didn’t read that chapter in “What to Expect, The Toddler Years”… the one that should be titled “Mac-n-Cheese 101” and describes all of the different brands available these days. There’s the traditional Kraft Cheese n’ Macaroni in the blue box that we all know and love from our own childhood. But now there’s the healthy alternative to that… Annie’s Organic, which is basically the same thing but somehow better. It even comes in the white version as opposed to the day-glow orange. Oh, and don’t forget the Trader Joes frozen kind. It’s 4 cheese. 1 serving is about 360 calories and 13 points according to the Weight Watchers plan. Stouffer’s frozen is another one. Don’t be fooled by the “no preservatives” tagline on the front. It’s still completely unhealthy, but oh so delicious.

Despite all of this, I find myself making this for The Girl about 3 or 4 times a week. Which amounts to ME EATING MAC-N-CHEESE 3 to 4 times a week. And I’m wondering why I’m suddenly gaining weight!

So, like many other moms out there I’ve joined Weight Watchers. I’m on day 2 and I’m starved. STARVED. Day 1 wasn’t too bad… I did go over my allotted points (by 1.5) but I was determined to make it under par today. By 2pm I was lightheaded. By 6pm I had gotten over the hunger and think my stomach may have been digesting itself. I went out to dinner with some girlfriends and TRIED to be good. I was… seriously, I ordered a lot healthier than I would have before Weight Watchers, but I definitely over shot on the points.

The good news is, I resisted all temptations for cold, abandoned mac-n-cheese and cut up meatballs. I had no bites of leftover scrambled eggs, and when the cookies came out, mommy did not have a real bite- she pretended. Which honestly in The Girl’s eyes, is just as good as the real thing.