Posted by Fitz

Sometimes, enough seems like it’s just not good enough.  Take, for instance, my house.  It’s an adorable little Cape in a great neighborhood in a town we love, but my husband and I are disappointed that the market is such that we have to delay our plans to upgrade.  This means having our two kids share a room for the time being, and making other sacrifices that we just hadn’t planned on. 

We’ve spent a lot of time on, looking at what could be our home if only.  If only our house hadn’t depreciated so much, if only we hadn’t bought at the peak of the market five years ago, if only we had demanded three bedrooms upstairs rather than having two up and one down, then maybe our kids wouldn’t have to share and how is the toddler going to sleep with the newborn after all?   It is the focus of many a conversation, and it always leaves us frustrated with the home we have.

What we neglect to remember in those  moments is that, this time four years ago, we didn’t think we could have kids at all.  We didn’t think anyone would live in the charming little room that we painted a sunny yellow, hoping that we could someday put a crib into it.  We didn’t know if we would ever be parents – our lifelong dream – and actually had back up plans to live a new life in New York City if the family thing didn’t work for us.  We didn’t know much about the miracle of in vitro fertilization, and we didn’t know if we could survive being childfree. It was a scary time.

Looking back, I would have given anything for an angel to have tapped us on the shoulder to tell us that all would be well.  I wish I knew that I would be in the very bratty and ungrateful position of COMPLAINING that there wouldn’t be enough room in our home for BOTH of our CHILDREN.   I wish I knew, in that last house discussion that we had, that we were being fools of the utmost proportions.  Because after a little thinking and a self-induced reality check, I realized once again that we are lucky and blessed beyond anything we ever hoped for.  And that it doesn’t matter what size your house is, or if your kids can have special nurseries all to themselves, or if they’ll wake each other up once in awhile.  Because we are a family.  The luckiest family in the world, according to me.