Posted by Fitz

It’s rare when I get the opportunity to post twice in one week, but I’m taking full advantage of the fact that AVM is sunning herself on vacation while we are battling rains the likes of which Noah never even experienced.  So today, dear readers, I’m going to let you in on a little secret:

We are woefully unprepared for this new baby.

Now, my post the other day was true: I am very lucky to have my family, and who cares what the nursery looks like.  99.9% of the time, anyway.  The other .1% of the time, well, I still complain.  Especially now that we’ve squeezed the toddler bed into the room (of course Beanie won’t sleep in it, but that’s for next week).  The room is jam packed with white furniture and now seems to have lost its sense of self.  Moving things around has made the room feel crowded and has unearthed filth that we didn’t know existed.  We’re going to have to start from close to scratch to make this room the cute little sunny haven that it once was, and it brings to mind this one, very important question: Why did we wait until I was 31 weeks to start? 

We have gone through some clothes, and I did take out the breast pump that I’m going to try to use again.  Does it matter that I don’t remember which part goes where, or why I bought this freakazoid looking thing when the Bean was an infant?  Does it matter that I have a million bottle bottoms but no tops?  Why did I save every stained bib?  Why?

I feel like the next few weeks are going to be a mad scramble to get ready for the poor little Sweet Pea who didn’t ask to be born to a family of complete room-arranging, preparation-avoiding, in-constant-denial slackers.  We’re going to push ourselves to the limit to get everything to a good place and keep our Bean in a routine while we do it.  It’s not going to be easy, and I fear that most of it will not be fun.  It’s what needs to be done, though, so we’ll grin and bear it.  If you know of any decorators, contractors, painters, etc. who are looking to give away their services to a frantic, though well-meaning family, please send ’em my way.