Posted by Fitz

I’m happy to report that the kids’ bedroom isn’t looking that bad anymore, folks!  There is still some work to be done (ahem, quite a bit), but I promise to share pictures once it is all said and done.  I’m relieved to tell you that we found a configuration that works while still keeping our most important furniture: the dresser/changing table, crib, rocker, and toddler bed.

Yes, I said toddler bed.  You might remember last week that I made mention of this adorable little bed, and how my  Bean loves it to death.  She’s a better woman than her mother – she loves to mess it up only to make it again, and tuck in her favorite dollies Maria, Lilly, and Nee (?), and lay down and sweetly pretend to sleep on it.  Actual sleep, however, does not happen.  Every attempt thus far has led to one of two scenarios: horrible crying or hyperactive spinning in circles, activating a second wind that her parents do not want.

On the advice of our wonderful pediatrician, we’re taking a very laid back approach to the whole bed thing even though time is ticking.  Lately we’ve been dealing with a rash of sleeping issues that have nothing to do with the bed or the new room, and have been hanging on every word the good doctor tells us about tough love and how I’m 35 and she’s 2, yadda yadda yadda.  So this bed thing is not the biggest deal in our world quite yet – we’re going to start off encouraging her to nap in the bed, and move her into it full time starting soon.

That being said, I’d love any advice you moms out there have to share about this transition, and how you might have encouraged your strong-willed, vivacious toddler to change her ways when she clearly prefers to maintain the status quo.  This is just one in a long line of changes that my girl will have to experience this summer, and I’d like to make it as smooth as possible for all of us.