Posted by AVM

So what’s so genius about a rubber, squeaky, teething toy?  I don’t know, it seems simple doesn’t it?  It seems like a what’s-the-big-deal-with-this-thing kind of purchase, doesn’t it?  I do not have the answer to these questions, but I can tell you that any mom who has one of these giraffe toys  by Vulli for their little teething baby will attest that Sophie must contain some secret hypnotic quality for infants, because these kids are mesmerized.

One of the most talked about teething toys, Sophie has been around since 1961.  The shape is perfect for little hands to hold, its bumpy head is soothing to irritated gums, Sophie’s smiling face and optical dots command instant attention, and the little squeak isn’t irritating to the grown-ups (I promise).  Sophie La Giraffe is still made by hand in French Alps.  Do not miss this one – it will save you at least a dozen melt downs.   CeeCee can’t get enough of her Sophie! Happy teething!