Posted by Fitz

Every morning can be a struggle when it comes to taming the fine, blond, straight-as-an-arrow hair that is my Bean’s.  She prefers it down, in her face, ragamuffin style, while her mom prefers it to be out of her eyes and neat.  She prefers it in a sparkly barrette that can’t hold on to the silky strands that crown her head, while I prefer it in those tiny plastic elastics that won’t come out even during nuclear warfare.  She prefers that it remains unbrushed, while I choose the opposite.  This thing that I feel should be so easy – toddler hairstyling – can really put a damper on an otherwise smooth morning.

Sometimes I give in and let her wear the sparkly barrette, knowing that she will look like a giant mess when I pick her up from daycare in the late afternoon.  Sometimes she humors me and gives me pigtail leeway, only to pull them out the minute she arrives to class (as the teachers’ reports go, anyway).  Headbands are a no-g0 zone (“What is this on my head, Mommy?”) and any other hair accessory seems to look “bootiful” on The Bean’s dollies but “not for me, Mommy”.

After some morning mishaps, I’ve recognized the following:

  • The girl is just like her mother – opinionated even when there is no reason to be.
  • I’m the mom, outweigh the Bean by a good manly weight, and can wrestle her if need be.
  • Letting her choose her “Beauty Salon Chair” goes a long way in getting her to sit somewhat still.  Singing a made up song about how my baby is going to the beauty salon goes even further.
  • I can’t keep her neat all day, so if she turns into a female Pig Pen by 4:30, so what?

When it comes to raising toddlers to be well-behaved, you have to pick your battles.  I’ve decided that hair isn’t going to be one of mine – it’s my way or the highway in the morning routine, and whatever happens after that – if I’m not around – is out of my control.  I’ll focus my energy on potty training and veggie eating, thank you very much.