Posted by Duff

I’ve always been interested by the concept of what I’ve learned is called neurobics: activities that make your brain stronger. We’re talking something as simple as moving your watch from your left wrist to your right, taking a different route home from a place you visit frequently, or more complex, like forcing your attention in two directions at once.

I figure my brain could use a little strengthening these days, since I realized that for the memorable past (which, as we all know, with kids, might not be that long), I’ve been phoning in the concentration, the contemplation, in an attempt to just get things done because they need to be done.

So I decided to make a few changes.

You shouldn’t be impressed. They are no big deal. But by listing them in their simplicity, I thought I might inspire you to try something different, no matter how trivial, and see where it takes you. 

In the last month I’ve:

Forced myself to keep the TV off for at least an hour between the kids’ bedtime and mine.  I can do whatever I want in this time, except clean or prep for the next day. Something that I enjoy. I get less sleep. But since I started doing it, I wake up earlier than I used to, before my alarm.

I finally tried Nutella (um, YUM), Merrells (yes, I know I’m the last one on the planet. I’m glad I didn’t miss the boat. My arches are so damn happy.), and getting my jeans hemmed (to accomodate the aforementioned Merrells where standard ankle length jeans fall just short).

I told someone exactly what I needed with no expectation that I’d receive it. I just thought that person ought to know.

Feel free to share your own, or suggest something that I might try that could fill up this large melon of mine with a bit more brain power.

Whether it makes me smarter or not, I recommend the Nutella.