Posted by Fitz

You guys all know it has been a bit crazy around here of late, what with room redecorating, sleep issues and the like.  Given the amount of venting I’ve done, I feel compelled to tell you about the neatest little development that has happened in the midst of all of this: The Bean has learned how to give compliments.

Out of the blue, she’ll turn to me and tell me that I’m a good friend, that I’m beautiful, that I’m nice, that she likes my “painted toes”, or…if I’ve been very good…that she loves me.  I’ve heard a lot of these words before (some more than others), and none have ever had the impact of the ones that have come out of this little mouth.  Words cannot explain to you how much these words mean to me, although I have referred in the past to how important language is in my life.  First of all, the girl doesn’t say anything she doesn’t want to say: she MEANS what she says.  Wholeheartedly, from the bottom of her little toes, she thinks these things about her mom.  Me. 

In the daily grind that we’re all in, it amazes me that she is able to pick little opportunities to light up my life.  She is an amazing creature, for what she brings to our family and what she specifically brings to my heart.  I will forever be grateful to my Bean, and look forward to re-reading this post when she is in the throes of adolescence and not thinking about me this way at all.  Little does she know how much she teaches me every day, and how my life wouldn’t be nearly as bright without her in it.