Posted by Duff

Recently, My Mom Genes was asked to comment on the topic of pregnancy worries for feature, The Top Ten Pregnancy Fears (and Why You Probably Shouldn’t Worry).

Many of the more common worries were touched upon, but we wanted to ask you, our readers what YOU worried (or, currently worry) about, since we all know pregnancy is a bounty of inevitable anxiety, no matter how many facts you know or well-meaning friends or relatives you have to reassure you.

I didn’t mention this when asked, but a good friend of mine can tell you that upon seeing one of Atticus’ ultrasounds, I was worried he’d emerge a troll or a gargoyle.  Let’s just say the tech captured some interesting facial expressions which, while logically, I knew could be attributed to motion, concerned me.

He arrived as a near exact replica of his father. I’ll let you take from that what you will.

So, spill it, ladies. Be honest. You’re safe here.