Posted by Fitz

As the Bean put another of her dollies in time out the other day (Maria apparently hit Lily, and “We do not hit our friends, Maria!”), my husband looked at me with apprehension.  “Don’t you think that she’s getting a little bossy?”, he said.  “Should we be doing something about this, because I’ve never seen anything like it!”

Luckily for him, my mom just happened to be over and a witness to this entire scenario.  Upon hearing his question, she got a glimmer in her eye and suddenly left the room.  “What, Mom?”, I shouted after her, knowing that she was trying really hard to be discreet and not letting her get away with it for a second.  “What’s your story?”

We followed her into our den, where Maria was now coming out of time out, and she burst out laughing.  “Oh, I’ve seen this before, don’t you worry about it.  Fitz was just like this when she was the Bean’s age!”  My poor husband looked at me, and I threw my hands in the air.  I said, “Honey, I’m bossy NOW.  What did you expect?  Did you think our little girl would completely miss the boss gene?!”

We all started laughing at this point, recognizing that the Bean is getting to be more and more like me every day.  Some of those attributes will serve her well, and some she’ll have to learn to hamper over time.  For now, though, I crack up seeing her behavior and realizing that I used to be similar.  Somehow, it forges another connection between this little girl and I that will keep us close and help me to understand where she’s coming from.  At least until she’s 13 and I have to move out of the house for a little while.