Posted by Duff

I’ve probably posted this in some manner before, but it bears repeating.

There are lots of remedies for infant/toddler constipation, and unfortunately, I’ve had occasion to test many of them on my children: pear juice, Karo syrup, gratuitous rectal temperature taking, glycerin suppositories, and daily, preventative gummy laxatives.

It turns out, the surefire remedy in my house is a hot cup of coffee. For me. No sooner do I sit down with the wide-mouthed cup that reminds me of  the velvet chairs, wood floors, pleasant music and general positive atmosphere of an upscale coffee house, than the deed is done.  Those wide-mouthed cups don’t preserve heat, I can assure you.

Not a coffee drinker? Plate a delicious, hot meal.  The results are the same.

Feel free to share your home remedy tricks of the trade. I know you’ve got ’em.