Posted by AVM

Something happened this past week that is having me question whether or not we’re “done” having children.  I was at a family gathering and held my cousin’s ADORABLE four-month-old son.  He is a doll.  So, so sweet and cuddly.  And I found myself feeling a pang  – am I really all finished?  And a boy?  Wouldn’t that be sweet?  Now, I have an eight month old.  She’s adorable and snuggly and a dream of a child.  She’s on the cusp of craving independence, and the infant stage is further and further away.  She should be calming my baby fever, don’t you think?  I suspect these longings speak more to the fact that CeeCee is at an absolutely delicious and lovely stage right now, coupled with the belief that our family and routine is spinning like a top (the girls are eating and sleeping well, healthy, dinner gets on the table every night miraculously, etc), and sprinkle in a bit of my excitement with this glorious weather and a summer of great plans laid out before us , and here I am thinking all crazy.  And so, in my fashion, I offer you a pros and cons list of having a third child.  Here’s my list – cons first:


  • I’m not getting any younger.  I just turned 37, and I’m tired.  How old would I be? 38? 39?  The thought of it exhausts me.
  • A family of four is perfect for traveling.  One hotel room.  One taxi.  A table for four.  It’s easy.  A family of five throws it all off.  I know this logic makes no sense to the majority of you, but to us, people who love to travel, it makes perfect sense.
  • With three children, you’re outnumbered.
  • I’m in the process of losing weight, and what am I going to gain it all back?  Ugh.
  • College is really expensive.
  • We hit the lottery with Lovey and CeeCee.  What are the chances that will happen again?
  • Well, there’s this, this, and this that I’m conveniently forgetting.


  • You have another child.  Another sibling for your children.  More grandchildren. Better holidays.  A better life.