Posted by Fitz

Since I’m the only person in my office with young children right now, I try my best to keep my “mommy life” and my “professional life” separate – at least to the casual observer.  I don’t talk about The Bean unless asked, except with a few special friends, and in general am able to compartmentalize what goes on at work from what happens at home. 

Lately, though, what with a pregnant belly out to there and the brain to go along with it, my worlds have been colliding more and more often.  My colleagues laughed yesterday when I picked them up in my new Mommy car, arranged them around the carseat and offered them some goldfish (although please, who wouldn’t love a car with great legroom that comes fully furnished with snacks?).  The receptionist in my office laughed when I went to pull out my Blackberry from my bag to check on an appointment, only to surface with a Disney Princess jump rope still in its pink, sparkly package – and I have no idea when Beanie would have had access to my bag to give me the jump rope to begin with.  And finally, you haven’t lived until your child ignores her father to yell, “MOMMY!  I have to POOP!” so loud that everyone on your late night conference call could hear it (and of course they knew that I was the particular Mommy in the situation). 

So, aside from regaling you with amusing tales from my life, there’s a lesson learned in all of this.  When you’re a mom, there is no such thing as separate worlds.  There are always blurred edges, no matter how good of a job you can do to try and keep home and work separate.  There are always aspects of each life that can creep in and surprise you when you least expect it, and when it comes to kids, they’ll usually put a big smile on your face.  Nothing says “Hey, this meeting isn’t that big of a deal!” like holding a Disney Princess jump rope and grinning like a goofball.