Posted by Fitz

It was a battle royale in the Fitz household this morning.  You see, The Bean is in a stage where she refuses to wear

The Bean's Favorite Comfy Pants from Gymboree

anything but “comfy pants” – namely, leggings, sweats, or anything else that is soft, jersey, and preferably pink.  She kicks her legs if you try to get a pair of jeans on her, and says that her cute little cargos are for boys.  It is maddening.

She gave in this morning once she saw that I was wearing tan cargos and once I told her that all of her comfy pants are in the wash (or have been relegated to the goodwill/storage bins, because isn’t it supposed to be WARM out?!).  She also told me, as I was walking out the door of her school, to make sure I did laundry so she could wear comfy pants tomorrow.


I’m all for comfort, and Bean’s comfy pants are adorable.  However, is she destined to become the George Costanza of the toddler set?  Will she ever wear real pants again?  I’m fine with giving her some wardrobe choices at this point, although she is too young to call all of the shots.  If it’s a day for her cute Gymboree jean capris with the daisies, so be it.  I’m up for the fight.  All I ask from you, dear readers, is that you don’t remind me of this post in 10 years when my Bean is asking for True Religions or whatever gazillion dollar jeans are in style then – because at that point, I’m sure I’ll be longing for the days of  Circo yoga pants.